Legislative Information



The Assembly came out with their version of the budget bill and the charter bus tax is still included. 

While we are waiting on the Senate’s version, we need an all-hands-on-deck grassroots effort by getting all members to make calls into the following two offices this week.

We need to make the call, or with certainty, we will end up WRITING THE CHECK!
This tax will impact us all in one way or another! Also, anyone else you can think of that may be impacted by this proposal, Ask them to call!

If we do not act, we WILL pay!

Contact Numbers & Talking Points

Bill Number: A.9508 / S.7508 – Part E

  • John P. Flanagan, President of the Senate – Office: (518) 455-2071
  • Joe Robach, Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee – Office: (518) 455-2909

 Talking Points

  • Mention the Bill Number: A.9508 / S.7508 – Part E
  • I am calling you as an owner of  [Company Name], which does business in NYS. We currently employ _______ people, many of whom have been working for many years.
  •  This is an anti-business tax that will force small bus companies like mine to lay off workers or even worse, close our businesses.
  •  This tax makes the small bus companies the target.
  •  We already pay exorbitant taxes and numerous fees to operate in this state.
  •  This tax gives a competitive advantage to out-of-state charter buses by forcing in-state operators only, to pay this tax while exempting those who operate out of state and pay no New York taxes continue to operate as they wish.
  •  We are urging you to oppose this anti-small business tax!
  •  **Make sure you ask for an answer on the legislator’s position on this tax before hanging up.**

Please send BANY an email when you have made your calls so that we may keep track. Thank you!