Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics for members of the Bus Association of New York has been adopted​ by its members to promote and maintain the highest standards of service to the general public and professionalism between its members. ​

As a member of BANY we acknowledge our role and responsibility in providing quality service to the traveling public and ensure the highest levels of integrity in the deliverance of that service along with our solemn pledge to diligently fulfill our obligations. We acknowledge that the safe transportation of our customers is our highest priority and obligation. We recognize integrity amongst  ourselves and the traveling public is based upon diligent compliance with governing state and federal agencies and the authority granted by them. We agree to conduct all business affairs with integrity, sincerity and accuracy in an open and forthright manner.

​We recognize BANY as the official voice of the industry in New York State governmental matters and agree to work cooperatively for the advancement of the industry and the interest of the travelling public. We view BANY as a formulator of professional standards for the industry and pledge ourselves to their advancement as the best means of protecting and serving the general public.  ​