Regular Membership: Any privately owned company authorized to, and actively engaged in the transport of passengers for hire in non-school transportation vehicles. These vehicles must be designed to seat more than 15 passengers without wheelchairs or 6 passengers with wheelchairs. These members may become voting members of the association provided the company is under the supervision and jurisdiction of, and has received operating authority from the NYSDOT and/or FMCSA or their successor agencies. Such company must operate a significant portion of its passenger transportation business either inside or to/from the state of NY. A regular bus operator member agrees to pay annual dues in one of the following categories based on fleet size:

# of Vehicles Dues
1-5 $275
6-15 $540
16-30 $1085
31-49 $2165
50 or more $4325

Associate Membership: Anyone not eligible for regular membership may qualify for an associate membership according to one of the following categories below:

  • Non-Voting Bus Company Member ($275): Those engaged in less than a significant portion of their business inside or to/from the State of New York and who otherwise could qualify for Regular Membership.
  • Tour and Travel Member ($500): Tour and Travel members are those engaged in promoting travel and normally referred to as: travel agent, tour operator, lodging enterprise, attraction, receptive operator or CVB.
  • Supplier Member: (one of 3 categories outlined below): Supplier members are those who supply services or goods to the industry, including equipment and accessory manufacturers and all others who participate in the general well being and continuance of the industry. Dues are based on your type of business below:

Vehicle Manufacturer-     $1000

National Supplier-             $500  (Services are NOT limited to NY)

Local Supplier-                 $250  (Services ARE limited to NY)